Faculty and Staff


Patricia B. Angley
Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: Twentieth & Twenty-first Century American Literature; Women Writers and Feminist Theory; Contemporary Native American Literature; Faulkner and Southern Literature
Farrah Cato
Senior Instructor
Research Interests: Speculative Fiction; Magical Realism; Womanist Studies and Intersectional Feminisms; American Literature; Women's Technologies as Resistance; Digital Humanities
Mark L. Kamrath
Research Interests: Brown and the Early Republic, 1771-1810; Eighteenth-Century Periodicals and Print Culture; Native American Studies; Digital Humanities and Textual Editing
Lisa M Logan
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early American literature; literature by women; personal narratives, including autobiography, diary, and memoir; early American captivity, crime, travel, and cross-dressing narratives; feminist theory; American novel; theories of space and place; manuscript and material culture approaches
Christian Ravela
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production, Comparative Racialization, Critical Ethnic Studies, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Asian American Studies, Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory, Social Movement History, Liberalism and the Left
Claudia Schippert
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Queer Theory; Feminist Theories; American Cultural Studies; Religions in America; Ethics and Social Change.
Nancy A. Stanlick
Research Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Academic Ethics; History of Modern and American Philosophy; History of Ideas
Scott Warfield
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Music of the 17th through 20th centuries; Richard Strauss; Orchestral Music; Programmatic Music; American Music; Musical Theater, especially the "Rock Musical"